Meet Erin Dyer

Hi, I'm Erin. I started out in a photography studio about 15 years ago and followed that as a traveling preschool photographer for about 5 years. In 2012, when my son Sam was born, I realized I couldn't be on the road anymore but I also wasn't ready to put down the camera.

With a ton support from my husband, Brian, I started E Mc B (e-mic-bee) Photography. It started as just a nickname, but has grown to be my third baby. Even though my other positions used studio set up, I always just preferred natural light. In 2015, my husband built me a natural light studio and there has been no turning back.

I find joy in the simple moments, and capturing those for my clients.

Meet Erin Dyer, Family Photographer in Greenville, South Carolina

My husband and I in Paris, enjoying a simple (and kidless!) moment.

Outside of E Mc B

When not taking photos what do I enjoy? My family...Brian, Sam & Kate...Max probably the world's oldest dog and Georgie, possibly the world's craziest.

Coffee...lots of coffee.

Bob Dylan.

The Beatles (George is my favorite.)

and Hunter Rain boots.

Meet Erin Dyer, Family Photographer in Greenville, South Carolina

Naturally Sweet

E Mc B (e-mic-bee) Photography started in 2012, with a bee as the mascot. The name "E Mc B" started as a nickname and knew it was a sign when I saw a street name in my hometown of Greenville, SC with the same name. I like to say "naturally sweet", with my affinity for natural light (and no props), and sweet (like honey) families I photograph.

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