Meet Erin Dyer

Hi, I'm Erin. I started out in a photography studio about 15 years ago and followed that as a traveling preschool photographer for about 5 years. In 2012, when my son Sam was born, I realized I couldn't be on the road anymore but I also wasn't ready to put down the camera.

With a ton support from my husband, Brian, I started E Mc B (e-mic-bee) Photography. It started as just a nickname, but has grown to be my third baby. Even though my other positions used studio set up, I always just preferred natural light. In 2015, my husband built me a natural light studio and there has been no turning back.

I find joy in the simple moments, and capturing those for my clients.

Meet Erin Dyer, Family Photographer in Greenville, South Carolina

My husband and I in Paris, enjoying a simple (and kidless!) moment.

Outside of E Mc B

When not taking photos what do I enjoy?

My husband Brian who I developed heart eyes for when I was 14 and he was a lifeguard at the pool. Luckily we met up again when I was 28 and he finally developed heart eyes for me too. We have 2 children, our son sweet son Sam and his feisty little sister Kate.

Other things I like:

Coffee...lots of coffee.

Bob Dylan.

The Beatles (George is my favorite.)



and Hunter Rain boots.

Meet Erin Dyer, Family Photographer in Greenville, South Carolina

Naturally Sweet

E Mc B (e-mic-bee) Photography started in 2012, with a bee as the mascot. The name "E Mc B" started as a nickname and knew it was a sign when I saw a street name in my hometown of Greenville, SC with the same name. I like to say "naturally sweet", with my affinity for natural light (and no props), and sweet (like honey) families I photograph.

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